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Dennis East is ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse country-sanger. Hy is in Durban gebore. Die publiek sal Dennis ken vir sy treffers soos ‘A Million Drums’, ‘A Rose Must Die’, ‘Dammit I Love You’.

Ook sy betrokkenheid by die supergroep Stingray wat ‘n Britse treffer met hul liedjie ‘Better The Devil You Know’ gehad het, om maar net ‘n paar van sy suksesse te noem. 

Dennis East - Take My Heart
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Indien daar meer as een kunstenaar optree moet daar 'n klankmaatskappy ingehuur word deur die kliënt.
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Joey The Lipstick Collector / Huff Puff (1971)

Ouch / This Rolling Stone (1972)

Could You Ever Love Me Again / Listen (1973)

A Rose Has To Die / You’re Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning (1974)

A Little Bit Wiser / You Lied (1975)

A Million Drums / Give A Little Love (1976)

Stone Walls / Everything You Are (1977)

Love Into Lonely / Don’t Take It Away (1977)

Wildflower / Blue Smiling Eyes (1978)

Red Hot Lover / A Rich Life (1982)

This One For Dancing / Face The Fire (1983)

Children On The Run / Prisoner (1983)

Love Is The Key / The Old Dog (1984)

He’s A Good Time / The Survivors (1984)

Love Manoeuvres (Fight For The Lady) / Running Back For More (1985)

Reach For The Sky (1985)

Peace Will Be Mine / The Meek Shal Inherit (1986)

Genevieve (1987)

Talking In Your Sleep / I’ll Mend Your Broken Heart (1988)

LPs & CDs

Stone walls (1977)

Greatest Hits (1978)

From Me To You (1988)

With good reason (1990)

So far (1991)

20 Greatest Hits (2000)

You (2007)

Collections – Dammit I Love You (2008)

Take my heart (2010)


South African Music icon, Dennis East who was born in Durban a good few years ago, can boast of a  successful music career.

Spanning over four decades and truth be told he is not considering calling it quits just yet.

Dennis recently purchased a Coffee Shop in Stellenbosch for his wife,Yvette but makes it clear that he intends continuing with his music career.

His passion for writing music and singing still lights up his eyes when he speaks with great excitement about his music plans for the future.

Dennis now lives in the Cape and intends to continue recording and producing music as he has always done so successfully in the past.

Dennis’ musical career started way back in the 1960’s performing with various bands including: ‘The Statesmen’ they not only toured South Africa but Rhodesia as well.

Coming to Johannesburg in the early 70’s he recorded his first solo single “Could You Ever Love Me Again” in 1973 with RPM Records who gave Dennis his first contract as recording artist.

Then in 1974 Dennis recorded what was to be his first Top 5 Single, ‘A Rose Has To Die’ which he followed up with a hugely successful album release.

He always had a great love for Country Music.

Even though “A Rose Has to Die” was not released as a country song, it eventually labelled him as a Country Music Artist.

In 1975 he proved to the South African public that he was not just a one hit wonder when he was back in the charts with what was to be his biggest hit of his career.

‘A Million Drums’ was an instant hit and paved the way for a career which has never faded.

Dennis charted again with ‘Stone Walls’ in 1977. This was also the year he won a Sarie Award for ‘Best Male Vocalist’.

After parting ways with RPM Records and signing with the David Gresham Record Company he formed the Super Group ‘Stingray’ and once again he and the band were on the charts with, ‘Better The Devil You Know’.

This song also charted in the UK and the follow up Album was nominated as Billboards ‘Album Of The Week’ in the USA.

He continues to write, record and produce songs for just about every South African artist you can think of including major international artists. East has been rewarded with numerous Top 10 hits worldwide through his production and song writing efforts.

As a young man he idolized Elvis Presley, Tommy Steele, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Jimmy Rodgers. As a student in a boarding school he was introduced to Jim Reeves.

Yet it is very possible that in his early years it was his Mother, a classical pianist, who may have been the greatest influence in him choosing a career in music.

If indeed it was his mother, I believe we then owe her a really big thank you. Without him in this world we would have been deprived of a lot of good music.

Source: Frans Maritz WHISNews21

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